Treasure Valley Bee Rescue Bee Removal Service That’s Prompt and Personalized To Fit Your Situation

Treasure Valley Bee Rescue bee removal service provides a valuable and caring extraction of bees that have ended up somewhere that they are unwanted. Bees play a critical role in the pollination process which provides much of world food production. With increased construction and decreased farmlands, many bees have found themselves lost from their homes, and will establish a colony wherever they find a suitable place. This can be detrimental to a home since a bee hive can weigh several hundred pounds and contain thousands of bees. Bees and wasps are also attracted to sweetness. During the summer season, this can be aggravating and a picnic spoiler.

Treasure Valley Bee Rescue is an essential service that is offered to residents to avoid unwanted summertime visitors. Treasure Valley Bee Rescue are highly skilled and trained in beekeeping and bee removal. We offer professional service in and around the Treasure Valley area for safe removal and/or relocation of undesired bee colonies or swarms. Whenever possible, we will relocate the bees safely to be used in orchards and gardens in the area. All bees are removed in a humane manner that will be of little to no inconvenience to homeowners.

Services provided by Treasure Valley Bee Rescue :

  1. Bee / Wasp Swarm Removal – Our highly trained staff are ready to remove any swarm. You should never try and do this on your own without knowledge of beekeeping.
  2. Bee Rescue – Honey bees are a precious species on the decline due to Colony Collapse Disorder, a real and threatening issue causing severe loss of bees, our major pollinators. By rescuing bees, we are able to relocate them to orchards and gardens where they can live a healthy life.
  3. Beekeeping – Our staff are professional beekeepers. We will take every effort to ensure that the bees are taken care of properly to ensure that they are healthy and well maintained.
  4. Wasp Extermination – Wasps have one of the most painful stings of the winged insects. Like bees, wasp colonies number in the thousands, and can be a nuisance to your residence.
  5. Yellow Jacket Control – In contrast to bees and other winged insects, the yellow jacket winters only the queen from November to around April. This problem is easy to stop before it starts.

These are but a few of the services offered by Treasure Valley Bee Rescue. We understand that you do not want to have the discomfort and annoyance of bee or wasp colonies to keep you from your regular activities. Our quick and efficient service will evaluate your specific situation. We will do our best to see if we can relocate the colony, but not all bees are suited for this. You can rest assured that our staff will clear your problem with little interruption to your normal routine. So if you think you may have a bee or wasp problem call Treasure Valley Bee Rescue today at (208) 602-4881 to schedule an appointment.